About us
Our mission

Coffee has always been the most natural way for us to get an energy boost when we were running out of breath. However, we could never drink coffee without milk and/or sugar because of the bitter taste.

We wanted to change that!

We started researching the world of coffee. During our research, we came across Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. The advantages of cold brew in combination with Nitro (nitrogen) convinced us immediately and the idea for COFFRIGO was born!

After countless rounds of testing and trial and error, we decided, in cooperation with Black Matter, to use a pure Caturra (Arabica) from a farm in Costa Rica. The bean is gently roasted in small 15 kg batches in an extremely energy-efficient and customised way for the cold brew method. Coffee is a natural product that lives from a healthy environment and, if grown properly, helps to preserve it through its negative carbon footprint.

It is therefore in our interest as well as that of the environment to produce our product consistently in a sustainable manner. At the same time, we maintain the highest quality standards.

This is possible thanks to our cooperation with motivated like-minded people. From the coffee farmers, who value biodynamic cultivation, to the end customer, who wants to enjoy his coffee with a clear conscience. Every step in the value chain is designed to be waste-free and energy-efficient. No waste is not a promise - it's a fact.

We hope that you are as enthusiastic about COFFRIGO as we are and that it will always give you that refreshing energy kick when you need it!

Your COFFRIGO - Team