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Everyone knows them from the refrigerated section - the over-sugared ready-to-drink coffees with little coffee content and almost exclusively only cow's milk. We didn't want to accept that any longer! Shouldn't it be possible to enjoy a ready-made cold coffee on the go that simply tastes good and wakes you up?! So we sat down, researched and little by little the master plan came into being.

4 things we make different!

Cold Brew Coffee fertig kaufen in der Dose - Coffrigo

1. More coffee than milk

For a more natural coffee taste and enough caffeine each serving. The standard is around 20% - "normal" for the others but not for us!

Cold Brew Coffee in der Dose fertig kaufen - COFFRIGO

2. Little to no sugar

We like sweet things but we must remain honest: there is too much sugar in our food and it does not have to be - you're sweet enough as you are!

Cold Brew Coffee fertig kaufen in der Dose

3. Oat milk instead of cow's milk

We are not judging about who is consuming what kind of milk but there is cleary a lack of offer we wanted to fill.

Coffrigo - Cold Brew Coffee - Hafermilch Vanille

4. Replacing hot with cold brew

The cold brew method has a high impact on the the taste. 12 hour cold extraction to extract only the best from the freshly ground coffee.

Coffrigo Cold Brew Coffee Dosen - Mokka - fertig kaufen

The all-rounder

cold brew has many advantages over traditional coffee. Due to the gentle roasting process coupled with the long extraction time at low temperatures, only the best comes out of the ground coffee. The whole variety can finally be bought in a can. The advantages over hot-brewed coffee are as follows:

- up to 70% less bitter substances

- up to 70% less acidity

- 1.5x more caffeine

- light natural sweetness

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