According to a new study by the Society for Packaging Market Research (GVM), beverage cans in Germany have reached a record high recycling rate of 99.3% for aluminium cans and 99.7% for steel cans. The study also revealed that the proportion of beverage cans found in the environment has dropped to 0.03%. This makes Germany's recycling rate for beverage cans the highest in the world. Stephan Rösgen, spokesman for the Beverage Can Forum, stated, "Cans are the prime example of a functioning cycle product and do not end up in nature. This makes them the recycling champions among beverage packaging." He also added that the deposit system in Germany provides a functioning incentive system that protects the environment by keeping beverage cans out of landfills. With the new packaging law, 100% of all beverage cans in Germany are subject to a deposit. In total, about 267,000 tons of waste are carelessly thrown away or left lying around in Germany, which corresponds to 3.21 kilograms per inhabitant. Cans account for only 0.03% of this litter quantity. Other packaging accounts for 20.6% of the litter. The GVM figures show that over 4 billion beverage cans find their way back into the cycle.
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Consumer benefits

The lightweight and unbreakable design of the beverage can makes it easy to transport and perfect for on the go. The "hissing" sound upon opening is a sign that the contents are fresh and ready to be enjoyed. These convenient properties make the beverage can a perfect choice for our customers like you.

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Benefits for manufacturers

The beverage can offers numerous benefits for manufacturers. Its leak-proof nature guarantees optimal quality and a long shelf life for the contents. The excellent barrier properties and hermetic seal make it ideal for light- and oxygen-sensitive beverages. As packaging, it is cost-efficient for the bottler as it has a favourable weight ratio of content to packaging, with only 3% being packaging and 97% product. The large opening allows for high filling speeds, and its stack ability and low weight offer optimal volume efficiency during storage and distribution.

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Benefits for trader

The beverage can's volume efficiency offers numerous benefits for traders. It requires less space on supermarket shelves, resulting in cost savings. Its unbreakable nature not only offers volume advantages but also simpler handling, particularly when sorting and disposing of empties. This was confirmed by the 2009 EHI study, which found that the cost of handling and disposal of beverage cans was lower than other packaging types.

Didn't expect all these advantages?

We didn't know this as well but it just make sense. Wait no more and get your premium cold brew coffees in the all-mighty beverage can.