Our mission

The range of ready-to-eat coffees from the refrigerated section has grown steadily over the years and more and more manufacturers have brought their own brands to supermarkets and petrol stations. The refrigerated shelves are getting full but there really isn't a choice. Different brands labeled differently but they all feel the same:

Way too much sugar.
Mainly and with a large proportion of cow's milk.
onsequently, little caffeine - at least they have no effect on us.

We wanted to change that to:

Little to no sugar.
More coffee than milk – namely oat milk.
Enough caffeine so that it not only tastes good, but also wakes you up!

So we sat down and implemented the points step by step:

1. Cold brew instead of hot brew

Cold Brew describes the production method in which the coarsely ground coffee is extracted in water at cool temperatures for more than 12 hours and can thus exploit its full flavor potential. Also flavors that you would not expect in coffee. At the same time, a lot can be reduced that we didn't want in the coffee: acidity and bitter substances by up to 70%.

2. Little to no sugar

Today we have added sugars to almost all of our foods where no sugar is needed at all. Unfortunately, there is also the fact that many have gotten used to the increased sugar consumption and no longer perceive many things as sweet if they do not contain a minimum amount of sugar.
We have therefore decided to only use as much sugar in the recipes as is currently necessary. With our "Original Black" and "Oat Milk Latte" varieties, we have completely dispensed with the addition of sugar.
For the "Oat Milk Mocca" variety, a certain amount of sugar is required, otherwise the natural bitter taste of the cocoa is too much in the foreground. But we didn't want to do without him entirely. The perfect balance in our eyes.
Our "Oat Milk Vanilla" has "the most" sugar, but we've also oriented ourselves to the lower limit here. Without a certain amount of sweetness, the vanilla taste doesn't come through either. We think we managed it pretty well and you can still taste all the components like the cold brew coffee.

3. More coffee than milk

The existing ready-made coffees from the refrigerated shelves are all mixed milk drinks and not mixed coffee drinks. That's because most have just 20% coffee content. In order to get enough coffee taste, aroma is used every now and then. Another disadvantage is that there is not enough caffeine in the coffee. Here, too, artificial help is given from time to time.
But why use artificial help when you can do it naturally - just increase the coffee content! Thought, done and so we increased the share to 69% and in the same step exchanged the cow's milk for the oat milk. We don't need any additional coffee aroma or caffeine, because the cold brew already contains enough of it.

We are delighted with the result and the long work was worth it. But now it's your turn to try it and we look forward to your feedback!