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Our cold brew coffees

we voted together with coffee experts from selected beans. The selected beans are gently roasted in various steps in order to specifically awaken individual aromas of the coffee beans. The cold brew method allows us to extract only the best from the freshly ground coffee through the 12-hour cold extraction. Finally, we add nitrogen to the finished cold brew coffees to give them that creamy, sweet and refreshingly smooth taste.

For our oat milk variants, we have created a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. We source the beans for this cold brew from India, Colombia and Nicaragua. For our original black we chose a single bean. We source the high-quality organic green coffee for this cold brew from Colombia. There it is grown under strict organic conditions. This means that coffee is always cultivated in mixed cultures, that artificial fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited and that harvesting is done by hand instead of by machine. This is good for the environment and saves a lot of CO2.