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Trial pack - Cold Brew Coffee Nitro Infused

Trial pack - Cold Brew Coffee Nitro Infused

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Our trial package for you with one can each of ORIGNAL BLACK, OAT MILK LATTE, VANILLA LATTE and MOCCA LATTE - so you can find your favourite! But be careful, you could love them all...but no risk, no fun!

Our ORIGINAL BLACK  is for everyone who doesn't want to make any compromises and wants to experience the pure taste of a wonderful coffee - aromas of soft dark chocolate, fruity citrus and a full-bodied coffee taste.

For all vegan milk lovers - OAT MILK LATTE nitro infused, the perfect symbiosis of cold brew coffee and oat milk from Oatly. Anyone who loves Oatly will love our OAT MILK LATTE even more - both complement each other perfectly.

Mhhh a hint of vanilla, that's good for the soul and it tastes good too! Our OAT MILK VANILLA LATTE is the perfect mix of cold brew, oat milk from Oatly and our vanilla creation.

Our OAT MILK MOCCA is another perfect fusion of Oatly oat milk, our cold brew coffee and organic cocoa with raw food quality. It's just fun when it tastes good!

NOTE: Since we do not use (almost) anything artificial, for the OAT MILK VANILLA and OAT MILK MOCCA it can happen that small pieces form within the can. But they are completely harmless and a sign of the naturalness of the product.

It is important to us to be able to present you with a natural product and have therefore dispensed with all preservatives. Gently, lightly roasted, we keep the whole variety of the coffee's taste in the bean until it is later released during cold long-term extraction. With the cold extraction, we can specifically draw the full potential of the bean and at the same time do without most of the bitter substances and the acid, which makes the cold brew so digestible.

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Du hast Fragen? Hier findest Du die Antwort.

Was bedeutet "Cold Brew"?

Es ist eine Zubereitungsmehtode. Hierzu wird der gemahlene
Kaffee in kaltem Wasser ruhend über mehrere Stunden extrahiert. Mit der Cold Brew Methode, sind wir in der Lage aus dem frisch gerösteten und gemahlenen Kaffee nur das Beste zu extrahieren. Das schmeckt man!

"Nitro Infused" - was ist das?

"Nitro" steht für Stickstoff und dieser ist wichtig für den Geschmack. Wir versetzen den fertigen Cold Brew Coffee über 12h mit Stickstoff bis alle Luft aus dem Kaffee raus ist, um ihm den cremigen, süßen und erfrischend weichen Geschmack zu geben.

Woher kommt der Rohkaffee?

Der Rohkaffee kommt aus dem schönen Kolumbien Er wird dort unter strengen Auflagen angebaut, damit Du ihn mit gutem Gewissen trinken kannst.

Ist COFFRIGO laktosefrei?

Alle vier Sorten von uns sind gänzlich laktosefrei und das mit Absicht - für die Umwelt und für Dich!

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