Our mission:

naturally refreshing cold brew coffee without added sugar or additives!

Cold Brew Kaffee Dose OAT MILK LATTE von COFFRIGO auf einem kleinen Haferflockenberg von vorne fotografiert

No added sugar

or completely sugar-free. Our cold brew coffees with oat milk have only 5.65g of natural sugar from oats per 100ml, which sweetens enough.

Is our coffee "healthy"?
Dose OAT MILK MOCCA Cold Brew Kaffee Dose in der Luft zur Seite neigend schwebend und in ein schwebendes Glas einschenkend

No calorie bombs

With a light natural créma - only 0 to 42.7 kcal per 100ml. It's a cold brew coffee and not a liquid dessert!

How do we do that?
vier Dosen Cold Brew KAffee von COFFRIGO - jeweils eine Dose nebeneinander von oben fotografiert. Oben und unten je nach Sorte mit den Hauptzutaten dekoriert

A short list of ingredients

which ensures transparency and naturalness. According to the motto: less is more!

Where do our ingredients come from?
Alle vier Sorten Cold Brew Kaffee von COFFRIGO neben einem zur Sorte passenden eingeschenkten Glas. Verteilt auf unterschiedliche hohen Podesten.

70% to 100% cold brew

per can for more coffee enjoyment and enough caffeine. The standard coffee content is around 20%...

What is cold brew?

You want to know more about us and our mission?

Dose Cold Brew Kaffee ORIGINAL BLACK in der Hand gehalten und in ein Glas eingeschenkt.

The all-rounder

Cold brew coffee has many advantages over regular coffee. Due to the gentle roasting process coupled with the long extraction time of over 14 hours at low temperatures, only the best comes out of the ground coffee. Finally there is the whole variety in the can to buy. The advantages over hot-brewed coffee are as follows:

  • less bitter substances
  • less acidity
  • more caffeine
  • light natural sweetness

Learn more about cold brew coffee in our blog.

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At COFFRIGO we are proud to offer you the ultimate cold brew coffee. Our excellent cold brews will delight you with their unique taste and incomparable freshness. Whether you're a lover of pure cold brew or prefer the slightly creamy note of oat milk, we have something for every taste.

Our main concern is to offer you the best possible cold brew coffee experience. That is why we only use green coffee of the highest quality for our products. We believe that the basis for a first-class cold brew begins with the selection of the raw materials. Our carefully selected coffee beans are cold brewed in a gentle process in order to develop the full aroma and ensure exceptional freshness.

Our cold brew recipe is very simple: high-quality coffee beans, fresh water and patience are the key basics. First, we coarsely grind our green coffee beans to achieve optimal extraction. Then we mix the ground coffee with cold water and let the mixture steep for at least 14 hours. The result is a delicious cold brew that is unsurpassed in its purity and freshness.

For those who prefer a slightly creamy touch, we offer three delicious oat milk flavors: OAT MILK LATTE, OAT MILK VANILLA and OAT MILK MOCCA. These unique creations are the result of a careful blending of 70% premium cold brew and 30% oat milk. The result is a harmonious interplay of cold-brewed coffee and creamy oat milk that will enchant you.

Our OAT MILK LATTE is perfect for those who want to enjoy a mild sweetness and a gentle coffee note. The creamy oat milk is a perfect complement to cold-brewed coffee and gives the drink a pleasant texture.

OAT MILK VANILLA is the ideal choice for lovers of a fine vanilla note. The subtle sweetness of vanilla pairs beautifully with the refreshing cold brew, resulting in a true taste sensation.

For those looking for the best of both worlds, we have OAT MILK MOCCA on offer. The combination of a chocolaty mocha note and the freshness of the cold brew is simply unbeatable.

Our goal is not only to offer you the best cold brew coffee, but also to give you the opportunity to drink coffee to have a unique experience. It doesn't matter whether you enjoy the cold brew pure or prefer one of our oat milk varieties - at COFFRIGO you will find exactly the right thing for your individual taste.

Convince yourself of the quality of our cold brews and immerse yourself in the fascinating one world of cold brew coffee. Order your personal favorite today and enjoy a taste experience in a class of its own.

COFFRIGO - Manufacturer of the best cold brew coffee. Your taste experience starts here!