70% to 100% cold brew

for a more natural coffee taste and enough caffeine each serving - 70% cold brew content along our lattes. The standard is around 20%...

Unbeatable nutritional values

to enjoy your daily cold brew coffee drink without a guilty conscience - only 0 to 34 kcal per 100ml.

Very short list of ingredients

since you neither need superfluous ingredients nor are they good for you. According to the motto: less is more!

No added sugar

or completely sugar-free. Our cold brew with oat milk has only 3.84g of natural sugars from oats per 100ml, which sweetens enough.

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Cold Brew Coffee by Coffrigo - cold brew coffee in a glass

The Allrounder

cold brew coffee has many advantages over traditional coffee. Due to the gentle roasting process coupled with the long extraction time of 14 hours at low temperatures, only the best comes out of the ground coffee. The whole variety can finally be bought in our cans. The advantages of our cold brewed coffees are as follows:

  • up to 70% less bitter substances
  • up to 70% less acidity
  • 1.5x more caffeine
  • light natural sweetness

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