Here you can find out interesting information about our ingredients and their origin - starting with the green coffee of our original - the best coffee for cold brew:

In order to create this delicious cold brew, we consciously chose high-quality green coffee from Colombia was chosen. These cold brew beans are grown under strict conditions, ensuring mixed cultivation and harvesting by hand. Our green coffee is free of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. This commitment to quality and sustainability is not only good for the environment, but also results in a tasty and more environmentally friendly cold brew.

Enjoy the rich and smooth taste of our ORIGINAL BLACK. Our carefully selected cold brew coffee beans from Colombia make this cold brew special and we are proud of it.

Cold Brew Kaffee von Coffrigo


is a leading powerhouse in the global coffee industry. As the third largest producer with an impressive annual production of 830,000 tons, the country is at the forefront. Colombia is particularly known for high-quality Arabica coffees, making it a leading player in the global coffee market. Cold brew lovers rave about the coffee beans from Colombia. The country focuses on high-quality Arabica beans, while Brazil and Vietnam mainly supply Robusta beans for cheaper coffee products. Colombian coffee has a reputation as one of the best in the world, among coffee connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. The combination of Colombia's commitment to quality and sustainable farming methods, as well as the country's unique terroir, results in a distinctive and delicious cup of coffee. If you are looking for the best coffee for cold brew, Colombian coffee is the perfect choice. Experience a first-class coffee experience with the exquisite cold brew beans from Colombia.

The best cold brew coffee for our oat milks is extracted from a special blend of Arabica and Robusta beans carefully sourced from India, Africa, Nicaragua & Colombia. These cold brew coffee beans were selected for their unique flavor profiles and finely balanced to create a full-bodied coffee flavor that is perfectly complemented by our slightly creamy oat milk. Our cold brew beans come from regions with exceptional coffee growing conditions, which guarantees the highest quality. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, our oat milk cold brews offer a unique and delicious experience.

Cold Brew Kaffee von Coffrigo


is a country that may not immediately come to mind when you think of coffee production, but it is actually a major player in the global coffee industry. While tea is more commonly associated with India, the country has a rich history and tradition of coffee growing, which plays a significant role in its economy. Globally, India is among the top 10 coffee producing countries, with the majority of its coffee beans exported abroad. The southern Indian provinces of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are considered the heart of the country's coffee production, with the historical heritage of these regions playing a significant role in the cultivation and production of Indian coffee. The unique terroir, coupled with the know-how of Indian coffee farmers, results in a truly distinctive and tasty cup of coffee. Despite the strong association with tea, Indian coffee is a must for any coffee lover who wants to explore the diversity of flavors and origins in the world of coffee.

Cold Brew Kaffee von Coffrigo


is a country known for its production of high quality Arabica coffee, particularly the Bourbon and Pacamara varieties. The best beans are grown in the Jinotega, Nuevo Segovia and Matagalpa regions, where the growing areas are at around 1,200 meters altitude. These regions are characterized by small family farms where farmers often do not have access to expensive equipment, fertilizers or insect repellent, which means coffee is often accidentally grown organically. To support these farmers, the UCPCO (Unión Cooperativa Productores de Café Orgánico) ensures that the coffee is fairly traded and thus makes a significant contribution to the farmers' livelihood. This ensures that the coffee is produced ethically and sustainably and that farmers can earn a fair price for their hard work. When you choose coffee from Nicaragua, you can be sure that you are not only getting a delicious cup of coffee, but also supporting small farmers who are committed to environmentally friendly and fair production of high-quality coffee.


More precisely, Ethiopia is considered the cradle of coffee. But other countries on the black continent also play a major role in coffee cultivation today: for example Uganda, the Ivory Coast, Kenya and Tanzania. Overall, around 1/6 of global coffee production comes from Africa. In addition to cocoa and oil, it is an important export commodity. The front runner from Africa is coffee in Ethiopia - the state exports tons of the finest Arabica. According to World Atlas, Ethiopia ranks 6th in the ranking of the largest coffee producers in the world with almost 430,000 tons. The close connection between coffee and Africa is already evident in the name: The name “coffee” is derived from “Kaffa” – its region of origin in Ethiopia . It is said to have appeared there for the first time in writings from the 9th century, before it was carried with slave traders to the Arab Empire in the 14th century and later around the world. New coffee traditions began there.
Many coffee experts today agree that coffee plants in their natural form only grew in Ethiopia and continue to do so today without human intervention. Since ancient times, plants have been such an important cultural asset for Ethiopians that they are even closely rooted in their language.

The raw cocoa for our OAT MILK MOCCA

The cocoa powder we use is raw food quality and is sourced from pure, untreated cocoa according to strict fair trade principles. Our supplier Solo Coco attaches great importance to sustainable cultivation, fair trade and fair production and is regularly certified by FairTSA. This provider also supports socially disadvantaged single mothers in the Dominican Republic by offering them fair trade opportunities. The traditional cocoa varieties Forastero and Criollo used in this latte guarantee an authentic and true-to-origin taste experience, just like Columbus experienced over 500 years ago when he landed on Hispaniola.

To Solo Coco

The natural vanilla flavor for our OAT MILK VANILLA

Our vanilla flavor is made in Germany from flavor extract of real vanilla and natural flavorings. It took a long time to find the right flavor that contains real vanilla, tastes natural and is affordable - but the effort was worth it.
50% of today's global vanilla production comes from the main growing area in the north of Madagascar, like ours. The Comoros and the island of La Réunion (formerly Ile Bourbon) are also considered to be other main growing areas. Only around 10% of world production comes from its original origin in Mexico. Java, Tahiti, India, Zanzibar and are also considered to be other production locations strong> the Seychelles.

The oats for our oat milk

Our decision to source oats from Europe is based on several factors. On the one hand, Europe offers ideal growing conditions for oats, including optimal climate and soil conditions. This allows us to produce high-quality oat milk. On the other hand, we support local farmers and producers through regional reference, which has a positive impact on the economy. We value transparency and quality assurance, so we ensure that our partners meet the same high standards that we set for ourselves.

Enjoy our first-class cold brew coffees – just a click away.