In Germany, recyclable packaging, especially beverage cans, has achieved an impressive recycling rate, according to a study by the Packaging Market Research Association (GVM). The recycling rate is a record 99.3% for aluminum cans and even 99.7% for steel cans. In addition, it was found that only a minimal proportion of 0.03% of the beverage cans are found in the environment will. With these figures, Germany leads the recycling efforts for beverage cans worldwide.

Stephan Rösgen, spokesman for the Beverage Can Forum, emphasizes the importance of the can as an exemplary circular product that no longer ends up in nature. It is therefore the recycling champion among beverage packaging. This success is also due to the functioning deposit system in Germany, which is an incentive for the environmentally friendly disposal of beverage cans and keeps them away from landfills. Due to the new packaging law, all beverage cans in Germany are now subject to a deposit.

Although a total of around 267,000 tons of waste are carelessly disposed of or left behind in Germany, cans only make up 0.03% of this amount of waste. In contrast, other packaging represents a much larger 20.6% of the waste. GVM figures show that over 4 billion beverage cans are successfully recycled.

The positive development of the recycling rate for recyclable packaging, especially cans, clearly shows Germany's progress in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. It's a significant step towards a cleaner and greener future.

Cold Brew Kaffee von Coffrigo

Consumer benefits

The environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging of the beverage can not only makes it easy to transport, but also a shatterproof solution for on the go. The characteristic 'hiss' when opening signals freshness and enjoyment. These practical properties make the beverage can the perfect choice for our customers who want to enjoy delicious canned coffee on the go.

Cold Brew Kaffee von Coffrigo

Benefits for manufacturers

The beverage can offers manufacturers numerous advantages as recyclable packaging for canned coffee. Their leakage security guarantees optimal quality and long shelf life of the contents. The excellent barrier properties and hermetic seal make them ideal for light and oxygen sensitive beverages. As packaging it is cost effective for the bottler as it has a favorable weight ratio of only 3% packaging and 97% product. Stackability and light weight provide optimal volume efficiency for storage and distribution.


Merchant benefits

The volume efficiency of recyclable packaging, especially cans, offers advantages to retailers. Less space required in the supermarket leads to cost savings. Break resistance allows for easy handling and disposal of can packaging. The 2009 EHI study also confirms lower costs compared to other types of packaging. Opt for our more environmentally friendly canned coffee and help protect the environment.

Didn't expect all these benefits?

We didn't know any of this at first either, but it just makes sense. Don't wait any longer and get your premium cold brew coffee in the almighty beverage can.