If you're looking for a refreshing coffee novelty to take on the go, then you've come to the right place! Do you know the feeling when you crave something refreshing with caffeine, preferably in the form of coffee? But as soon as you stand in front of the refrigerator shelf, doubts arise. After the purchase and the first sip, disillusionment often follows:

- Much too sweet...
- Somehow unnaturally creamy and feels heavy in the stomach...
- It really wakes me up too not done...

But it doesn't have to be that way! At COFFRIGO we have set ourselves the goal of revolutionizing your coffee enjoyment and offering a unique taste experience!

Cold Brew Kaffee von Coffrigo

1. Cold brew instead of hot brew

What is cold brew and why is it so special? Cold brew describes the manufacturing process in which coarsely ground coffee is extracted in water at cool temperatures for over 14 hours, allowing it to exploit its full flavor potential. In contrast to conventional coffee preparation, cold brew allows for a particularly mild and balanced taste. Acid and bitter substances are reduced by up to 70%, resulting in a gentle and digestible coffee that stands out from ordinary coffee.

Cold Brew Kaffee Dose OAT MILK LATTE von COFFRIGO auf einem kleinen Haferflockenberg von vorne fotografiert

2. No added sugar

Sugar is unnecessarily added to many foods, especially industrially produced products. Unfortunately, many people have become accustomed to excessive sugar consumption, making them find foods without some sweetness less satisfying. At COFFRIGO we have recognized this problem and developed our own naturally sweeter oat milk to offer you a delicious coffee drink without added sugar - simply tasty and delicious!

Vier Cold Brew Kaffee Dosen von COFFRIGO vor beigem Hintergrund. Eine dose OAT MILK VANILLA auf einem Podest, eine andere OAT MILK MOCCA wird in ein Glas eingeschenkt.

3. More coffee than “milk”

Many ready-to-drink coffees in the refrigerated section are actually mixed milk drinks and only contain a small proportion of coffee - often no more than 20%. To enhance the taste of coffee, artificial flavoring is sometimes added. Another disadvantage is that these drinks contain less caffeine, which is also compensated for by artificial additives.

At COFFRIGO we take a different approach. We want to offer you an authentic taste experience that is achieved naturally - by increasing the coffee content. Our cold brews contain at least 70% of delicious coffee, combined with our specially developed oat milk. So we don't need any artificial flavors or additional caffeine, because our cold brews already contain enough of it naturally.

The result:

A refreshingly different cold brew coffee that pampers your palate and gives you a gentle energy kick. COFFRIGO - the revolution in coffee enjoyment on the go! Discover our unique selection of cold brew coffees now and let yourself be inspired by our passion for quality and taste. Order today and experience the refreshing difference - just a click away.