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Coffee, the elixir of life for poets and thinkers. Coffee has been drunk around the world for 500 years and is by far the most commonly consumed drink in the world today. The history of cold brewing can also be traced back to ancient Japan. There, a method called the "Kyoto style" was developed, which describes the slow trickling of cold water through ground coffee over several hours. Today this method is known as “cold drip coffee”.

COFFRIGO didn't want to bring just any other ready-to-drink coffee onto the market, but to create a completely new product that was by definition the first mixed coffee drink in Germany.

Vegan, sugar-free nutrition is not just a trend - because trends not only indicate what can be implemented today or in the future, but also stand for the needs of tomorrow's customers. We at COFFRIGO have not only brought together different trends, but also created a thoroughly unique product that heralds the new era of ready-to-drink coffee.

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  • No added sugar

    is the nutrition trend that is reaching more and more people. Studies have shown that many ready-to-drink coffees contain high levels of sugar, averaging 16-24g per serving. Some even contain more than 30g per serving, which is well over the recommended daily allowance for an adult. We're setting a new standard by offering a maximum of 5.65g of natural sugars from oats per serving. That's up to 76% less sugar than many other ready-to-drink coffees. Our ORIGINAL BLACK even contains no sugar.

  • Long shelf-life

    despite the absence of preservatives. Our products can be kept up to 1 year without refrigeration. This is made possible, among other things, by the airtight and light-tight can, which ensures that the product stays fresh for longer. Not only does this allow for cost-effective storage and storage planning, but it also reduces waste and loss from items not sold immediately, which benefits the environment. This makes our products a convenient and sustainable choice for consumers who want to enjoy fresh, high-quality cold brew coffees.

  • The milk alternative

    is a strong trend and the market is full of new producers of oat milk and other alternatives. Coffee shops have also jumped on the trend and oat milk has become a staple in a coffee shop. However, the ready-to-drink coffee sector is still lagging behind in this area. While there are a few suppliers of oat milk lattes, none of them are based on cold brew coffee - making COFFRIGO a pioneering brand in this category. We are the first to launch a cold brew coffee with oat milk with no added sugar in Germany, offering consumers a unique and delicious option that suits their taste preferences and dietary needs.

  • More coffee - less milk

    because the COFFRIGO team believes that the traditional coffee-milk ratio in ready-to-drink coffees needs to be reconsidered. In most ready-to-drink coffees, the coffee content is only up to 20%, with the majority being milk. This results in a lower caffeine content and often a weaker coffee taste. COFFRIGO is the first brand to set a new standard in the ready-to-drink coffee market by using up to 70% cold brew in our oat milks. This means that our product is a true coffee blend and no longer a dairy blend. Our aim is to offer a quality coffee experience in a convenient, ready-to-drink format.