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Cold brew coffee has been a popular trend in many countries for years and is now gaining momentum in Germany. As a retailer or reseller, you can easily access our products with competitive B2B pricing through FAIRE, Orderchamp, or Ankorstore. All platforms offer the same pricing for our products.

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  • No added sugar

    is the diet trend that is reaching more and more people. However, studies have shown that many ready-to-drink coffees contain high amounts of sugar, with an average of 16-24g per serving and some even containing more than 30g per serving, which is well above the recommended daily allowance for an adult. We are setting a new standard by offering a maximum of 7,62g of natural sugar from oat per serving. This is up to 68% less sugar than many other ready to drink coffees. Our ORIGINAL BLACK contains no sugar.

  • Long Shelf Live

    despite not using any preservatives, our products can be kept for up to 1 year without refrigeration. This is made possible by the airtight and light-tight can which ensures that the product stays fresh for a longer period of time. This not only enables cost-effective storage and warehouse planning, but it also reduces waste and loss from unsold items, which is beneficial for the environment. This makes our products a convenient and sustainable choice for consumers who want to enjoy fresh and high-quality cold brew coffee.
  • The Milk Alternative

    trend is on high demand and the market is filled with new manufacturers of oat milk and other alternatives. Cafes have also jumped on the trend, and it's hard to imagine a coffee shop without them. However, the ready-to-drink coffee sector is still lagging behind in this area. While there are a few suppliers of oat milk lattes, none of them are based on cold brew coffee - making COFFRIGO a pioneering brand in this category. We are the first to introduce a cold brew coffee with oat milk without added sugar in Germany, providing consumers with a unique and delicious option that caters to their taste preferences and dietary needs.

  • More Coffee - less Milk

    because COFFRIGO team believes that the traditional coffee-milk ratio in ready-to-drink coffees needs to be reconsidered. In most ready-to-drink coffees, the coffee content is only up to 20%, with the majority being milk. This results in a low caffeine content and often a weaker coffee taste. COFFRIGO is the first brand to introduce a new standard in the ready-to-drink coffee market by using up to 70% cold brew coffee in our oat milk varieties . This means that our product is a real coffee and not just a mixed milk product, providing consumers with a stronger and more authentic coffee experience. We strive to provide a high-quality coffee experience in a convenient, ready-to-drink format.