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Discover the refreshing types of cold coffee

The different types of cold coffee and why you will love our cold brew coffee

Cold coffee is not just a trend but a true revelation for coffee lovers. Whether on hot summer days or as a refreshing treat in between, cold coffee offers a variety of ways to enjoy the incomparable taste of coffee in a refreshing version. In this article we will introduce you to the different types of cold coffee and present you with our exquisite cold brew coffee that will delight you.

  1. Cold Brew - The gentle delicacy
    Cold brew is a popular method of making cold coffee. Coarsely ground coffee beans are soaked in cold water for a longer period of time. The result is a smooth and flavorful coffee with less acidity and bitterness compared to traditional coffee. Our COFFRIGO cold brew coffee is carefully made from selected coffee beans and is characterized by its full-bodied taste and natural sweetness. Try it and let yourself be seduced by the gentle delicacy.

  2. Iced coffee - the refreshing classic
    Iced coffee is a wonderful way to enjoy cold coffee. This involves pouring hot coffee over ice cubes to cool it down. You can use our COFFRIGO cold brew coffee as a base for your iced coffee and refine it with milk, cream or syrup to your taste. A hint of chocolate or caramel provides an additional flavor note. The refreshing classic iced coffee will delight you with its combination of caffeine and refreshing coolness.

  3. Frappé - The creamy pleasure
    Frappé is a creamy pleasure made up of cold coffee, milk, ice cream and possibly syrup or chocolate sauce. Everything is processed into a delicious mixture in the blender and garnished with cream and cocoa powder. Our COFFRIGO cold brew coffee is ideal as a base for your frappé and gives it a unique touch. Enjoy the creamy texture and the unmistakable taste of a frappé and let yourself be pampered.


Cold coffee offers a variety of ways to experience the refreshing pleasure of coffee. From smooth and flavorful cold brew to refreshing iced coffee to creamy frappé, there is the perfect option for every taste. At COFFRIGO you will find high-quality cold brew coffee that was specially developed for cold enjoyment. Try out our different varieties and discover your personal favorite.



Cold coffee is not just a trend, but a pleasure that can accompany you all year round. The different types of cold coffee offer a refreshing change and let you experience the incomparable taste of coffee in a new dimension. Visit our online shop and discover our delicious COFFRIGO Cold Brew coffees, which impress with their quality and variety of flavors.


FAQ section:

Ask: Is cold coffee just as caffeinated as hot coffee?

Answer: Yes, cold coffee generally contains just as much caffeine as hot coffee. The amount of caffeine depends on the type of coffee and the preparation method.

Ask: Can I make cold coffee myself at home??

Answer: Yes, cold coffee is easy to make at home. With our COFFRIGO cold brew coffee you can enjoy the perfect cold coffee without any complicated preparation steps.

Ask: Can I drink cold coffee warm??

Answer: Of course! Cold coffee can be warmed up easily. It is also suitable as a base for hot coffee drinks such as latte macchiato or cappuccino.

Ask: How long does cold coffee last??

Answer: Cold coffee usually stays fresh in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. However, keep in mind that the flavor may decrease slightly over time.

Ask: Cold coffee contains less acid than hot coffee?

Answer: Yes, cold brewed coffee generally contains less acid than hot coffee. The longer preparation time in cold brew extracts the acid and results in a smoother taste.

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